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Descrizione di Trisport Pharma Erythromax

Erythromax is a combination of blood forming nutrients.

Very easy-to absorb iron supplement with vitamin B-complex and taurine. Provides the body with extra iron and boosts stamina.


- Anaemia is a well-known cause of fatigue symptoms in  
  sportspeople during intensive training periods.
- Anaemia can be caused by an iron deficiency.
- Iron is necessary for the development of haemoglobin,
  the blood protein which ensures the transport of oxygen
  in the body. Taurine protects the cell wall of the red blood  
  cells against lipid peroxidation.

L'utilizzo di Trisport Pharma Erythromax

1 capsule 30 minutes before the meal.

Ingredienti Trisport Pharma Erythromax

For red blood cell production, however, it is not enough to only administer iron. Other haematopoietic nutrients are also necessary, such as folic acid and vitamin B12. Vitamin B6 is also necessary, for the formation of the haem molecule and the absorption of vitamin B12.
Trisport Pharma Erythromax 60 St compresse
€ 43,01
€ 38,71

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