Plantil Syrup 150 ml

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Descrizione di Plantil Syrup

Plantain leaves have been used to relieve breathing and to soothe the respiratory tract for centuries. Originating in Mediterranean regions, liquorice has a soothing action on the respiratory tract and stimulates the body's natural defences for preventing colds. Zinc is an excellent antioxidant, which reinforce the body's natural defences and helps you get back on your feet quickly after you have had a cold. Thanks to this unique combination of complementary ingredients, Plantil syrup creates a true synergy of benefits that help you breath more easily.


Based on plantain and liquorice, Plantil syrup calms and soothes the respiratory tract to help you recover optimal, comfortable breathing.

L'utilizzo di Plantil Syrup

Children between 3-6: 5ml, 4x a day
Children between 7-11: 7.5ml, 4x a day
Adults and children 12 & up: 10ml 4x a day

Ingredienti Plantil Syrup

Ingredients (for 150 ml) : Bulking Agents : maltitol syrup, glycerol, water - Fluid extract of plantain (Plantago lanceolata) 11,25 g - Fluid extract of liquorice (Glycyrrhiza glabra) 7,50 g - Zinc bisglycinate 200 mg (per 40 ml : zinc 10 mg, or 100% RDA*) - Preservatives : sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate - Sweetener : steviol glycosides.
Alc. 2.5% vol.
*RDA = Recommended daily allowance.


Contains liquorice. People who suffer from hypertension should avoid excessive consumption.
Do not use more than 6 weeks without medical advice.
Excessive intake can have laxative effects.
Plantil Syrup 150 ml
7,50 €
6,75 €
(4,50 € / 100 ml)

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