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Descrizione di Fytostar Flex Move 2 Maintenance

Once the joints supple, it is also advisable to keep it this way as long as possible. This is possible with Fytostar Flex move Phase 2 Maintenance. It contains a high dose of glucosamine (2666 mg), MSM (1000 mg) and trace elements that are important in maintaining and building a strong and well-functioning cartilage. Glucosamine is the basic substance of proteoglycans: these are the macromolecules that give the cartilage its strength and resilience. They form the basis of a sufficient production of the most important cartilage structures. MSM is a natural source of organic sulfur, necessary for the production of the sulfur-amino acids that form a part of collagen. Selenium, Manganese and vitamin E reduce the effect of free radicals at the level of the chondrocyte. Flex move Phase 2 Maintenance, gives the cartilage thus the primary building material for as long as possible to function optimally.


  • tough and resilient cartilage
  • starting treatment at sensitive joints
  • for healthy joints and mobility

Ingredienti Fytostar Flex Move 2 Maintenance

- Glucosamine sulfate: 2666 mg
- MSM 1000 mg
- Vitamin E: 30 mg
- Manganese: 5 mg
- Selenium: 0.1 mg

Fytostar Flex Move 2 Maintenance 90 compresse
20,95 €
18,86 €

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