Cholixx 810mg Cholesterol 90 St capsule

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Descrizione di Cholixx 810mg Cholesterol

Helps to control cholesterol.

Below are some useful nutritional tips to support the natural control of your cholesterol. Besides this list, we also present a new high-tech supplement for: CholixX which helps to control your cholesterol.

- Use less fast sugars and more fiber.
- Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables.
- Moderate your consumption of alcohol.
- Use less salt and try enough exercise.
- Keep your weight under control.
- Try to stop smoking and regularly check blood pressure, blood glucose (blood sugar) and cholesterol levels.

L'utilizzo di Cholixx 810mg Cholesterol

The recommended dose is 2 x 1 tablet daily with meals.

Ingredienti Cholixx 810mg Cholesterol

The unique high-tech complex CholixX Chol-5 contains 5 active ingredients: plant sterols from soy, policosanol from rice, tocotrienols from palm oil, citrus nobilis nobiletine oour carmine and tangerines from Citrus nobilis Lour. The mixture of tocotrienols and two flavones (nobiletine tangerines and ferritin) is patented under the brand name sytrinol.
Cholixx 810mg Cholesterol 90 St capsule
€ 37,00
€ 29,60
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