Cerederm Plaster 5cm x 8cm 10 pezzi

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Descrizione di Cerederm Plaster 5cm x 8cm

Cerederm ® is a self-adhesive silicone bandage for the treatment of scars. The Cerederm ® bandage contains components that are selected for their biocompatibility. A particular care has been devoted to the development of the medical silicone. The intrinsic properties of the bandage, thanks to advanced technology, ensure a perfect adhesion to the skin and a painless removal.


Most of the scars are caused by burns, surgery, an accident, a dermatological reaction .. Very effective for the treatment of hypertrophic scars and keloids old or new. Highly recommended in the preventive treatment of closed scars and intervention scars.

L'utilizzo di Cerederm Plaster 5cm x 8cm

It is recommended to apply the bandage in the morning before the daily transpiration. Before applying Cerederm ®, cleanse first the scar thoroughly. Remove the bandage from the package. It is possible to cut the bandage to the desired size for a perfect hedge of the scar. Place the bandage, so that the adhesive side adheres to the scar. Then carefully remove the protective film. It is not necessary to bring an extra ointment, but you can always cover the bandage by means of an elastic bandage.

To facilitate the repositioning of the bandage, it is ideal to stick the bandage on a clean mirror before showering. 

Reusable 3 days or 1 month of treatment.


Do not use on open or infected wounds, ulcers, bedsores, leaking wounds, burns and mucous membranes.
Cerederm Plaster 5cm x 8cm 10 pezzi
35,38 €
31,84 €

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