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Descrizione di TonixX

TonixX is a dietary supplement of high purity and quality, with a high dose of L-carnitine-L-tartrate. The main role of the immune system is a protection or "defense" of our body against infection and development of diseases. The need of our body to L-carnitine increases in physical stress or infections. L-carnitine through different mechanisms involved in immune system reactions. An additional intake of L-carnitine stimulates our immune system. - Reduction of total fat - Increase in muscle mass - Reduction in total cholesterol and triglycerides - Increase in HDL-cholesterol ("good" cholesterol, which drains cholesterol from our tissues, transports it to the liver where the decomposition takes place) - Reduction (40%) and physical fatigue (45%) of mental fatigue on the Wessely and Powell scale. L-carnitine is one of the most extensively studied natural substances in our body. L-carnitine is found especially in meat. Fruit, vegetables and cereals contain almost no L-carnitine. We consume about 50-200 mg L-carnitine per day. Our body makes itself small quantities. The amount of free L-carnitine in the body is sometimes too low. This is the case with young children, during puberty and adolescence through increased energy requirements during growth, pregnancy and lactation and in vegetarians. Also during illness, surgery and during a recovery period, with a high physical stress in endurance sports, during heavy physical fatigue, with some programs for weight control and progressively with age, the stock L-carnitine to be low. A number of beneficial effects of L-carnitine only be obtained at higher concentrations than those obtained by food intake and own synthesis (production).

L'utilizzo di TonixX

TonixX is best taken with water, preferably during breakfast and / or lunch. The recommended daily dose is 3 tablets per day unless otherwise directed by your therapist. For optimal health and a lot of extra energy, it is advisable to regularly check your L-carnitine levels to purify and increase TonixX. TonixX can be an important part of a program for weight control, but is not a treatment for obesity (obesity). A favorable effect on attention (concentration) in children and adolescents may be visible after about 3 weeks.

Ingredienti TonixX

Each tablet contains TonixX ®: 750 mg of pure L-carnitine L-tartrate. This corresponds to 510 mg L-carnitine.

Effetti Collaterali TonixX

TonixX is very well tolerated. There are the recommended daily dose no side effects or drug interactions known. Diarrhea can occur at extremely high doses. Keep TonixX tablets in a dry and cool (15 ° -25 °) instead. The expiry date is stated on the packaging.
TonixX 30 compresse
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