Nutrisan Multical Complex 60 St Capsule

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Descrizione di Nutrisan Multical Complex

The high qualitative, extremely well absorbable and 100% natural calcium complex!

MultiCal complex supports the bone formation and preserves the bones' strength. On top of that, it stimulates the calcium absorption. This product is used in case of an increased calcium need, e.g. in case of fragile nails and teeth and supports the skin's regenerative capacity.

MultiCal complex contains Algae-Cal, an extract from algae that is very rich in calcium and magnesium. It contains calcium the body recognises as nutrition (‘whole food'). This formula also contains vitamin D3 and vitamin K2 for a good absorption and transport of calcium.

L'utilizzo di Nutrisan Multical Complex

2 x 2 vegetarian capsules per day during a meal

Ingredienti Nutrisan Multical Complex

1 vegetarian capsule contains:

Algal preparation (AlgaeCal)     450 mg

  • Calcium     135 mg
  • Magnesium     13,5 mg
  • Manganese     61,2 mcg
  • Magnesium (magnesium citrate)     54 mg
  • Vitamin C     15 mg
  • Vitamin D3     1,87 mcg
  • Vitamin K2 (MenaQ7-MK-7)     11,25 mcg
Nutrisan Multical Complex 60 St Capsule
19,95 €
15,96 €

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