Hermesetas 1200 St compresse

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Descrizione di Hermesetas

Calorie-free sweetening agent (sweetener) on the basis of saccharin.

Hermesetas makes your tea and coffee as sweet as you want it, without even one of those unwanted calories.


Keep in a dry place at room temperature.


Nutrition information:

- Sweeteners: Pure Sodium Saccharin
- 1 tablet sweetens as much as one teaspoon of sugar (about 5 g)
- Zero calories
- Suitable for diabetics
- Protects the teeth
Hermesetas 1200 St compresse
€ 8,30
€ 7,47

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Può ordinare il Hermesetas della marca Melisana, prodotto/a da MELISANA, in Italia da FARMALINE attraverso la categoria:
Dimagrire & Dieta > Dolcificanti