Davitamon Junior Boyz 12+ 60 St Compresse

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Descrizione di Davitamon Junior Boyz 12+

Davitamon Boyz: formula adapted to the needs of teenage boys. From puberty the musclevolume of boys increases more than girls. Therfore boys have higher energy needs than girls:
  • B-vitamines: important for energymetabolism.
  • Magnesium: is the key within the energy cycle and promotes healthy muscles and a good muscle function.
  • Mangaan: is also very important for the energy metabolism.
  • Chroom: helps with the conversion of carbohydrates to energy.

Ingredienti Davitamon Junior Boyz 12+

2 chewing tablets per day.
Davitamon Junior Boyz 12+ 60 St Compresse
17,25 €
15,53 €

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