Auriderm XO Vitamin K 30 ml Crema

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GRATIS Auriga Flavo C Serum all'acquisto di 2 prodotti Auriga. Massimo 1 per ordine, fino ad esaurimento scorte.

Descrizione di Auriderm XO Vitamin K

Auriderm® XO cream has been specially formulated to accelerate the disappearance of bruises after a knock or a fall, but also following cosmetic and surgical procedures. Through a technology of nanosomes containing vitamin K oxide, vitamin C and vitamin E, which optimise the results, Auriderm® XO cream treats the various factors participating in the formation of these bruises. Vitamin K oxide reduces the time of disappearance of bruises. In addition to its action on bruises, Auriderm® XO cream acts against redness of vascular origin such as rosacea, purpura, etc. Auriga has specially developed Auriderm® micro-emulsion for France, with properties and indications similar to Auriderm® XO cream but containing different active ingredients.


- Accelerates the disappearance of bruises Reduces redness (rosacea, purpura, etc.)
- Post-injection and post-surgery treatment

L'utilizzo di Auriderm XO Vitamin K

In order to avoid bruises, apply Auriderm® XO cream immediately after a knock or a fall and renew the application several times over the day. If the bruise is already formed, apply Auriderm® XO cream in a thin layer twice a day, morning and evening. Massage lightly until the cream penetrates. Do not apply the product directly to wounds or to the mucous membranes. Avoid exposure to the sun after application.

Ingredienti Auriderm XO Vitamin K

- Vitamin K oxide: strengthens the walls of the blood vessels by limiting their tendency to fragment.
- Vitamins C and E: slow down the transformation of the ferrous iron (soluble) responsible for the blue colour into ferric iron (insoluble).
Auriderm XO Vitamin K 30 ml Crema
28,80 €
25,92 €
(86,40 € / 100 ml)

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