Pranarom Romarin Verbenone Bio 5 ml

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Descrizione di Pranarom Romarin Verbenone Bio

Rosemary is a vigorous perennial plant with grey-green, needle-shaped leaves and whitish to blue flowers. It thrives in a marine climate. Its geographic origin determines its biochemical composition to a large extent.


• mucolytic
• cicatrizant and skin renegerator
• cardiac and nervous regulator

L'utilizzo di Pranarom Romarin Verbenone Bio

Internal : 2 drops under the tongue in the morning, on an empty stomach, in honey, olive oil or a lump of cane sugar.

: 3 drops CTEO + 2 drops hazelnut oil; on the solar plexus or the inner side of the wrists or plantar arch (repeat as needed).

The rosemary verbenone supplies a remarquable essential oil to purify the organism. During the months of March and September a treatment of a 3 weeks cure consisting in putting 2 drops on 1/4 lump of cane sugar and letting melt in the mouth every morning can be followed.

Ingredienti Pranarom Romarin Verbenone Bio

Aromatic molecules : Verbenone, bornyl acetate
Distilled organ : flowering top


- Does not replace a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.
- Do not exceed the recommended dose.
- Unless medical or pharmaceutical advice, not to use
  during the pregnancy and breast feeding and in the child
  of less than 3 years.
- Keep out of heat and light.
Pranarom Romarin Verbenone Bio 5 ml
10,25 €
9,23 €
(184,60 € / 100 ml)

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