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Descrizione di Nitradine Seniors

NitrAdine Seniors Denture Disinfecting Tablet is a fast effective formula which aids in the removal of Candida albicans.

NitrAdine® Seniors™ disinfects and cleans without causing corrosion or discoloration or distortion all types of removable dentures made of acrylic, silicon, nylon and elastomer.

A single use of NitrAdine® Seniors Denture Disinfecting Tablet is effective in eliminating certain species of microorganisms, including selected viruses (Herpes Simplex), in vitro.

L'utilizzo di Nitradine Seniors

Recommended dosage: One tablet two times per week
  1. Before using NitrAdine® Seniors™, brush, cleanse and rinse the denture as usual.
  2. Immerse the denture in a glass of lukewarm water (approx.150ml), or in the NitrAdine® Denture Disinfecting Box filled with lukewarm water.
  3. Add one tablet. Use only one upper or one lower denture with one tablet.
  4. Make sure the denture is fully covered with water. For regular bacteria and yeast infection, allow the denture to soak for 15 minutes in the solution. To ensure that your denture is free of all viruses, soak your denture for 1 hour in the solution.
  5. Remove the denture from the solution and rinse well under water before replacing the denture in the mouth. If a taste should remain on your denture after replacing it in your mouth, place the denture in lukewarm water for 10 minutes.
Intensive treatment: If recommended by your Dentist/Orthodontist, use the tablet initially every day for two weeks. After this two week period has elapsed, use two times per week as part of your cleansing routine.
Nitradine Seniors 32 compresse effervescenti
25,80 €
23,22 €

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